Build Once, 
Works Everywhere
Saltcorn is multiplatform — the same views and pages can be shown on any device platform
Responsive and fast applications for all modern browsers
Build iOS and Android apps for App Stores.
Views of database rows sent as responsive emails.
Render pages to PDFs for reports including data visualisations
Web platform
Acceess Saltcorn applications on any modern browser.
High performance
High-throughput low-latency server process ensures a superior user experience.
SEO optimised
Great Lighthouse scores, legible URLs and adjustable page titles and descriptions for SEO optimsed sites.
Applications are built to scale across different page sizes, from small mobile devices to widescreen desktops.
Great Lighthouse scores, legible URLs and adjustable page titles and descriptions for SEO optimsed sites.
Mobile App
Mobile apps
Build Android and iOS apps from Saltcorn applications, then distribute the apps in the Apple or Google Play app stores. The same application can run on the web server and on mobile apps - no modifications necessary.
 New distribution channel - monetise applications through app store sales
 Work off-line - choose whether tables are accessed remotely or synced on-device for offlline access. Ideal if your workforce need to use applications without connectivity
 Consistent web application and mobile application look and feel and functionality
Data views created in the drag-and-drop builder can be sent as responsive emails.
 Send periodically, by trigger condition or with button click
 Control over layout: columns, background, images
 Include interactive elements: buttons that tri, links to web pages

PDF for reports or custom documents

Generate PDFs from pages and data views using the page-to-pdf module. 

 Reports that include conditional text and data visualisation
 Customised documents prepared for users individually based on available data
Real-time chat apps
Real-time chat with direct person-to-person messages or group chat. New messages are broadcast with low latency and displayed immediately on participant's browsers or mobile apps.
You decide the layout by using views. Chat rooms are designed by building views for the message table, so you decide the layout and for previous messages and the entry form for new messages.


You can translate your application into multiple languages. This includes both the text that is part of your build, in views, and labels in forms, and content in databases including user generated content.