Automate with Actions

Go beyond Create-Read-Update-Delete applications with actions.

Automate repetitive tasks, from once-a-week to thousands-per-day with Actions. Learn how Actions can save you time.

Actions are run in response to a trigger
 Periodically (hourly, daily, weekly)
 Table event (insert, update, delete)
 System event (startup, error)
 Inbound API webhook
 Button click
A trigger launches an action
 Outbound webhook
 Send email
 Row manipulation
 Blocks (visual programming)
 Run code
Blocks: visual programming made easy
With blocks, you can build custom actions using drag-and-drop of elementary steps and logic conditions. Looks familiar?

Blocks are based on Blockly, the same library that powers Scratch, taught as a first programming language in elementary schools all over the world.The best thing about automating with blocks? We show you how those blocks translate to code. This is the perfect way to get started with coding
Event-driven process automation
Our approach and philosophy in process automation is “event driven process automation”. Instead of connecting boxes in a workflow, we think about events that we can trigger actions on, which may in turn emit new events
 Event log: Detailed and configurable log of which events have occurred
 Custom event (to which triggers can be attached)
 Event processing is asynchronous just like business processes where we need to wait for approval or external confirmation
 Event handlers are relatively simple, breaking up a more complex logic in more manageable steps
 Include interactive elements: buttons that tri, links to web pages.