Deploy anywhere
Permissive open-source licensing and a simple high-performance server architecture let you deploy Saltcorn anywhere.
From 1GB single core virtual machine to large systems on any cloud
From Rasperry Pi to multi-core Linux servers
DigitalOcean or Linode
One-click install from marketplace to run your own server from $6/month
Behind firewall
Operate without an internet connection in airgapped networks
Mac, Windows, Linux
Docker & Kubernetes
Single container image facilitates deployment in containerized environments

No telemetry
No information or telemetry is communicated back to Saltcorn or third-party partners. Full privacy; no surveillance. See Wiki page on privacy.
Simple deployment
One line to get started:
npx saltcorn-install
on systems with Node.js 14 - 18. On Debian and Ubuntu, this will install a PostgreSQL database backend and set up Saltcorn as a systemd unit – ready to act as server. On other systems it can set up a development enviroment based on SQLite.
Detailed documentation for manual installation
Step-by-step instructions for deploying in more challenging environments. Fully reproducible fabric scripts for server images available