Drag-and-drop to build your pages

Saltcorn features an intuitive and free-form drag-and-drop builder for your pages and data views. Get the layout you want by dropping elements to the canvas and customise the layout properties of each element.
Layout container elements:
 Dropdown menu
Fine-tune display properties
 Margin, padding, border
 Height and width
 Font, font-size, alignment
 Images and gradients
 Flexbox properties
Build pages and data views
Pages hold your static/dynamic content). Build landing pages, brouchure pages, layout for your data, even reports are pages.
Data Views
Data views show content from database tables. Use the drag-and-drop builder to create flexible layouts for your data

Forms are data views, so you can create data capture with any layout  single-step or multi-step.


Embedding view in views and pages

Embedding views is the not-so-secret special sauce that makes Saltcorn magic. Embed views in pages to add dynamic content from database tables. Embed views in views based on table relationships to bring to life an application based on the relational structure of your database. 
  • In a customer view, embed the list of meetings with that customer
  • In a view of a task, embed a view of the project to which that task belongs
  • Embed badges based on many-to-many relationships
  • A kanban board is made of movable views of individual tasks
  • A map of location from a database table, with a popup for each pin based on a row view 

Responsive layouts from day one

The modern application must work on any display size. On Saltcorn, every page and view is built with responsive layouts that scale from small-screen mobile to the widest desktops without duplicating work. Simply set column breakpoints and show or hide content from different display sizes. Use the ultra-adaptive flexbox properties for creative layout solutions.
Build shared components to save work
Ehya-Form is built to be completely flexible. A completely customizable experience so you can survey your respondents your way. Try it out with one of the forms below!
Get started quickly by using library components, assembled predefined layout components that you can drag directly into the page. Add your own library components to share content across views and pages
Embed pages in pages to use the drag-and-drop builder to create page fragments that are shared across pages Embedded pages update dynamically as you update the underlying page fragments and can include views, for instance lead capture forms