Build apps
Solve problems
Simplify workflow


No compromises
No code

Saltcorn is a platform for building database web applications without writing a single line of code. Use the intuitive point-and-click, drag-and-drop user interface to build your whole application
Free and open source – MIT license.

Key Advantages of Saltcorn

  • Automate simple business processes

  • Solve your data problems today, not in weeks

  • Automate manual tasks and workflows

Example applications

The Saltcorn wiki, issue tracker, blog and store are built with Saltcorn. This site ( is also implemented in Saltcorn

How to run Saltcorn

Trial hosting on is free for evaluating the suitability of Saltcorn 

Try it now ›››

Available for self-hosting, as simple as an NPM install or a Docker image

Create your application in Saltcorn in five simple steps

Identify your goal, choose and enable suitable plugins needed for your data
Create your database tables with our point-and-click interface
Build your user interface views with our drag-and-drop interface builder
Build your pages based on the views
Choose a theme from a plugin and customize to meet your needs


Saltcorn code and websites:
Copyright (c) 2020 Tom Nielsen,
released under MIT license